North Carolina Production Company Throws Successful Show Amid World Wide Pandemic.

Illuminé Projection Domes & Create. presented a virtual reality audio/visual experience, that benefited Doctors Without Borders and was powered by VRChat & Twitch, a one of a kind experience in a virtual world.

Our event took place in an alternate dimension called, VRChat, this virtual reality platform is a place where users can become all kinds of quirky characters and interact in creative games and activities with other users from all over the world.

VRChat has been the leading platform for virtual reality experiences which has benefited people with life-altering disabilities.

With social distancing and the need for social interaction growing, Create. and it’s associates put their heads together to find a solution: a unique virtual reality experience like no other.

Not only did Illuminé Projection Domes provide an incredible 3-D visual dome around the virtually constructed stage; top of the line DJ/Producers were streaming simultaneously through our Create. networks and Twitch.

The combination of mind-blowing visuals alongside a heavyweight line-up of DJ/Producers made our event a pioneering success.

To be the first group of individuals to host a virtual reality Electronic Dance Music event is something to truly be proud of.

The attendance was so impressive that multiple worlds had to be created to host a significant amount of users.

Each world could substantially hold 25 users at a time and with close to 200 attendees we needed multiple worlds for this virtual extravaganza to contain this multitude of users.

In addition to the dome visuals, Glass Crane provided a fully immersive 3-D art gallery for users to peruse.

With an amazingly constructed virtual world that included live musical and visual performances, it is no question why our virtually immersive experience was an unforgettable evening!

The many visual artists that participated in this event were working closely with their respective live performers making a perfect mesh of audio and visual information for our attendees and LIVE viewers to encode.

Visuals were inventively constructed by Glass Crane, Planz Visuals, Anti-alias and VJ Professor Lightwave. Live performances were conducted by Stylust, Ahee, PPLPRSN, EOS Music, Image.Nation, ROGUE, Disco Johnnie and for the pre-party celebrations Space Platypus. As a loyal Create.or, Space Platypus is always willing to throw-down for us!

The Greensboro local and triad native, Disco Johnnie, had a very special birthday set as he laid a path for the other artists of the night. With his natural ear for good music and well-practiced mixing skills this musician had a great set full of some dirty dubstep and wonky wubs.

Following the disco don’, is a veteran in the ‘DnB’ scene; ROGUE. This key influencer and Create.or not only is an expert mixer/producer of drum and bass but showed off his versatility in this virtual experience by mixing a varied conclave of electronic genres.

Image.Nation was next to the stage, and although he had technical difficulties at first, he was able to eventually execute an entertaining set. His retro-electronic style made dancing a contagious but also nostalgic experience.

Following him was Ahee one of the most creative minds in the Electronic Music scene. Getting his start touring and producing with The Lucent Dossier Experience, Ahee now lights up dance floors with his unique blend of high energy dance floor bangers and sonically complex bass tunes that have captured the attention of thousands. Known for his prolific output and friendly online personality, Ahee‘s engaging live sets are often 100% original material.

Headlining we had the Los Angeles producer, Stylust. Known for his sleeveless, whimsical synergy with his fans, Geoff “Stylust” Reich has been creating his own counterculture since he was a teenager. A skateboarder and hip hop devotee, this dubstep DJ’s talent for fusing rap hooks and bass beats with electronic music has earned him the rep as a creative renegade carving his own path.

With a style that captivates any music lovers with a pulse, this Canadian-bred Los Angeles producer has emerged as a front runner in the new wave of EDM. Blending classic ‘turntablism’ with cutting edge tech prowess, Geoff has been touring as Stylust since 2008. He surely proved his expertise in mixing with a flawless set wearing one of the iconic tie-dye Create. hoodies. We have always enjoyed working with Stylust because of his lovable charisma and undeniable professionalism which made his set one worth re-watching on our twitch channel!

To close off the night we had a duo of amazing personalities PPLPRSN and EOS Music. PPLPRSN in combination with VJ Professor Lightwave had a mesmerizing myriad of visuals combined with his whimsical wubs! It was truly a trip into a 16-bit heaven of iconic video games and visuals. Hailing from the marijuana capital of the world, Denver, RUN DMT’s alternate ego knew how to appease his enlightened audience of listeners. To finish off the night, EOS Music, executed an ejecting conglomeration of sounds in order to engage his virtual audience. Also hailing from the great state of Colorado, this talented musician made his mark in the virtual world by closing out the night with style. The rest of the Create. team held a short after party with can be found in the twitch archives.

Finally, Create. would like to give Matt Buelt a very special thanks for being the architect that constructed the virtual world we were able to hold this event at. His design and creativity are skills that many in his field must surely envy. Not only does this genius designer create virtual reality wonders, but he also fiddles with claymation, unity 3D, photoshop, world building, music, and all kinds of surreal art! With such an expansive array of artistic skills, it was an honor to have such a talented creator provide us with a state of the art planet to hold an entertaining gathering of music-loving individuals.


Overall this Virtual Reality experience was one of a kind! For the first time, a group of individuals came together and organized a virtual rave in order to entertain the electronic music lovers in quarantine. With no live music events this was the perfect alternative for so many music lovers across the internet. With the amazing response and support from attendees, we are sure to hold more virtual events in the not so distant future!

Be sure to join the Create.ors Facebook Group to keep up with our updates and upcoming events!

Grab your ticket today for our next event: ELECTRIC AVENUE: A DRIVE-IN AUDIO/VISUAL EXPERIENCE


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