Flashback: Jason Leech – Create. Saturday September 28th, 2019

Phyphr, Bass Canviss, Jordan Castle & Jason Leech

On the 28th of September, national drink beer day, Jason Leech and many other talented musicians came together to bring a beautiful arrangement of live music and jubilee thanks to Create. and Bass Krew Collective. Unlike your typical Electronic Dance Music event, 3 out of the 4 artists that played on this unique night brought out some form of Live instrumentation! As direct support for Jason Leech we had the funky guitar guru Phyphr accompanied by the bass-bandit Bass Canviss and the joyful joyrider Jordan Castle. All artists brought their ‘A-game’ and a high degree of professionalism making this an indelible night of terrific tunes!

Murphy Fuller Media, Viscous Flow & Sketchy Eddie

The live artists present were none other than Murphy Fuller Media, Viscous Flow and the incredible Sketchy Eddie. All of which used their awesome artistic talents to create beautiful pieces of artwork that will forever be appreciated. Murphy Fuller Media mostly concentrates on concrete shapes and flawless line work within his abstract art, but has recently been improving on his free-hand pieces of artwork. The talented Viscous Flow has created wonders with paints and oils keeping things colorful and creative. Lastly, Sketchy Eddie and his unique style of digital ‘trippy’ art is truly mesmerizing; it’s liquid flow and mixed color patterns create one-of-a-kind portraits and surreal works of art . Create. is very active in supporting our local painters and artists; be sure to check out our featured artists from past and future events!

Jordan Castle

Jordan Castle started the night off with his signature array of dubstep bangers to liven up the crowd, on this pleasurable night. By focusing on the most tempting trap beats and dubious dubstep drops he had a strong start with this Charlotte crowd. One thing we can always expect from a Jordan Castle set is his exuberant energy and contagious charisma, which he brought with intense vigor! His passion for music could be seen in his energetic set and can also be found in his creative edits on his Soundcloud, here.

Bass Canviss

Following his talented young friend Jordan Castle, Bass Canviss got the house bumping with his brilliant bass-heavy songs and his beautiful blood-red guitar. A veteran in the Charlotte music scene, Bass Canviss knows the right sounds to get his fellow ‘Charlotteans’ moving. He combined his guitar skills with some of the most unique experimental bass music beats out now. With his wide range of original and underground sounds, which can be found here, Bass Canviss continues to push boundaries with his music and gentle spirit.


After a masterful set by Bass Canviss, the crowd continued to gather on the dance floor for a family favorite Phyphr! Filled with a phantom of funky sounds Phyphr frolicked thru his set with a fat stack of playful songs, combining his fabled guitar playing skills with jam-filled beats. His beautiful teal-blue guitar shined on stage as he easily slid his fingers from fret to fret. This young man knows the recipe for success and continues to impress talent agents everywhere with his original tunes, found here, and his positive personality!

Jason Leech

Jamming to some Jason Leech on the weekend was an undeniable treat for the Charlotte cats that crowded Crown Station on this lovely night. With so much talent emitting from this prodigy’s fingers, listeners were entranced in watching Jason Leech perform on 3 different keyboards. We all awaited the plethora of remixes and covers that has made this talented keyboardist stand out in the music scene. Without fail Jason Leech launched a spaceship filled with incredible remixes/covers including some LSDream tracks which filled our ears with ecstasy! The night was wrapped up appropriately when all the artists gathered on stage with all their instruments in hand to finish off the night in unity and with plenty of friendly smiles.

Photos by: Xact Media, Edits by: Niel Soto Productions


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