Saxsquatch Confirmed Sighting in NC by 300+ Witnesses at Local Drive-in Theater…

Create., Sunday Swerve & Infrasonic Sound Systems bring you a unique and meticulously precautionary musical journey; ELECTRIC AVENUE: a Drive-In Audio/Visual Experience.

For the first time Create. and it’s associates have teamed up to host a Drive-In style live show featuring Saxsquatch, Phyphr, Cut Rugs, KirbyBright and Dredlok at Hounds Drive-In located in King’s Mountain, NC about 35 miles west of Charlotte.

Amid these tumultuous times in 2020, it takes a passionate and creative group of individuals to figure out a safe and responsible way to enjoy live music without putting ourselves, or our precious loved ones at risk.

One of the Create. team members, James Hurley, grew up watching drive-in movies as a kid and suggested the idea of hosting an electronic event with live performances and visuals!

Thanks to the incredible staff members and owners of Hounds Drive-In, Create. is now able to make this idea a reality.

With their experienced and properly trained staff, we are confident that Hounds Drive-In will be the best location to hold this event safely while adhering to all of the laws and precautions demanded by current state and federal guidelines due to Covid-19.

I find myself humbled to be working alongside such an incredible venue and team.

Sunday Swerve an Atlanta, Georgia based performing arts company is also teaming up with Create. to not only spread the good news but to also put our event on a worldwide platform, as they will be broadcasting our event LIVE!

Sunday Swerve has been hosting live streams since March of 2018, their experience in live broadcasting is paramount and will prove very beneficial with many not able to attend.

In addition to having a world-class live broadcast, Create. and Infrasonic Sound Systems have teamed up to bring you a top of the line sound system as well!

Infrasonic Sound Systems has always had the most professional work etiquette and provides the best equipment including a Funktion-One Soundsystem.

Visuals will be provided by many talented visual artists including Truffulatreez, Papa Bear, Sacramental Studios, and Optic Vibrations.

One of the opening acts can often be found wielding a ukulele, Dredlok a Wilmington, NC hero has had performances where he plays on multiple instruments including piano, saxophone, and even a didgeridoo!

Alongside his amazing instrumental skills, Dredlok also sings and has a steadily growing family of supporters found in his group, Dredlok & Friends.

Alongside Dredlok, the Asheville, NC native KirbyBright, also has dreadlocks!

It appears that talent may somehow be stored inside these luscious locks of hair because this talented producer and DJ can always wrangle a crowd into loving one another as he soothes his listeners with the hottest electrical lullabies the EDM genre has to offer.

On direct support; Cut Rugs, a Greensboro, NC native has honed his production skills to a point where ignoring his talents is undoubtedly foolish.

Now residing in Asheville, NC Cut Rugs has continuously been putting out great music on the most popular music platforms including one of my personal favorites his “Satisfaction – Benny Benassi Remix”.

Alongside this amazing producer is the multi-talented Phyphr hailing from Wilmington, NC, this amazing musician will make you fall in love with live instrumentation as you see his fingers expertly move across his guitar frets.

Known for his amazing charisma and positive outlook on life Phyphr is the perfect supporting act, combining original electronic music with beautifully written guitar riffs.

Last but most definitely not least we have Saxsquatch, the elusive Chapel Hill, NC beast that surprises all his listeners with his iconic look and prestigious talent.

When it comes to playing the saxophone, there are few people who can compare to the raw talent this musician has.

With his viral videos and hilarious covers of timeless songs, Saxsquatch is leading the game in live performances combining his production skills with live instrumentation in an exemplary manner.

We are confident that Saxsquatch will be an inspiration to everyone in attendance as we all gather together under the beautiful night sky at Hounds Drive-In movie theater!

“Bigfoot does exist and he gets extra funky!”

Ticket info:

  • Tickets are per carload, not per person. Maximum of 6 people per car. Additional Posters & T-Shirts are available for purchase on our official website and day of show. Live broadcast by Sunday Swerve
  • $40 Early Birds – [SOLD OUT!]
  • $60 Pre-Sale – [ON SALE NOW]
  • $80 Day of Show – [ON SALE 6.17]

For more info join the Create.ors Facebook Group and then apply to become an Official Create. Ambassador!

Grab your tickets below and we’ll see you guys on the mountain!
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11 thoughts on “Saxsquatch Confirmed Sighting in NC by 300+ Witnesses at Local Drive-in Theater…


    1. It’s about to be liiiittttt 👽

  2. Can’t wait for this, going to be such a unique experience with some truly talented artists.

  3. Holy Smokes thats a hell of a line up. Cant wait to get down!!

  4. Yessss, all the fammm!! Can’t wait for this one 🥳

  5. What a savage lineup I can’t waaiitt!!!!

  6. so so so excited for this. it seems so cool!!

  7. Gawd cut rugs slaps 🤤 stupid excited for this one!

  8. I soooo wish I could make it but I’m stoked to be able to stream it! I can imagine the wubs and vibes and can’t wait to participate in the future!

  9. So much Local talent! I can’t wait to see them all. I’ve already seen a few of these people live. I know it’ll be a good time

  10. A wild sasquatch? Gotta see it to believe it

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