Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations Virtual Reality Experience Launch Party


Once again, Illuminé Projection Domes and Create. have teamed up to present to the world another incredible and momentous virtual reality experience: Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations VR Launch Party on July 31st, 2020! If you want to become a part of this experience be sure to 👉Join us by registering and also take advantage of our 👉Limited Edition Poster Bundle which includes an exclusive Chris Dyer Pendant, VR Headset, Stickers, and more!

Limited Edition Bundle

We would like to give a big thanks to the incredible contributions from The Arborary, Cerebral Concepts, Electrifly Collective, Glass Crane, The Leisure Lab, and Planz Visuals. Without these amazing architects and creators this virtual world would not be possible. These skillful artists in the virtual realms are truly amazing and have brought all their skills to the table to create such a wonderful experience for our community.

The team is proud to announce that have partnered with the Canada resident, Chris Dyer, to bring his Positive Creations to life in an interactive virtual reality experience: Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations VR Launch Party on July 31st, 2020! This man is an absolutely phenomenal artist that creates art that is simply out-of-this-world! His incredible line work and color patterns truly mesmerize the eye.

Chris Dyer’s Artwork

Chris Dyer is a soul with some of the highest and purest intentions for humanity and his self; a man on a quest for elevated consciousnesses through his natural life experiences and introspection. This awakened soul perceives himself as a medium of the Great Spirit, it opens his vessel to let go of the temporary complications of his ego-mind thru the medium of artwork. Chris Dyer is a true soul skater, despite all the falls and scrapes we get riding down the “half-pipe” we call life, he always gets back up and continues his journey of creating beautiful works to share with the world!

Chris Dyer’s Artwork

This artist has some of the best psychedelic art in the world, making himself a cornerstone in this niche of artwork. The Canadian-Peruvian artist began his career in Ontario, Canada and now is known internationally for his deeply intricate and detailed pieces. Create. had the opportunity to create with Chris Dyer in a momentous Live event with Charlesthefirst, and now we set our eyes on a virtual event with even more creative minds put together!

Chris Dyer’s Virtual World Experience


The Polish Ambassador • San Francisco, CA

(2020 Red Rocks Alternate Reality)

Part musician, part activist. The Polish Ambassador is paving the way for a new breed of musician.

The Polish Ambassador (real name David Sugalski) is raising the bar for what it means to be a professionally touring musician. Sure, the electronic musician lays claim to producing the sweetest beats this side of the Milky Way Galaxy, but the world’s funkiest diplomat is also using his popularity to steer the millennial generation toward a nourishing and sustainable way of relating with art, community and the planet. From birthing the Permaculture Action Movement (a movement where the energy of show/festival goers is catalyzed into community action), to creating a program where nutritious beverage options are available at music venues on a routed TPA tour, the ambassador is using his clout to make real, tangible change, and along the way inspiring hundreds of thousands.

With a stack of 17 albums and countless remixes, the jumpsuited one ( that’s right…TPA rocks the freshest jumpsuit) has swirled together a cornucopia of music for your auditory senses…and your booty. Over the last decade, his sound has dipped and swirled through a staggering range of styles, each album exploring uncharted sonic territory. Warm, analogue dreamwave; mind-altering glitch; world-infused groove; bass-fueled breaks; sexified down-tempo; electric lullabies; and psy-fi funk are just a few of the genres that have poured from the Ambassador’s soul into earbuds and ghetto-blasters across the galaxy.

In the live setting, expect to be taken on a masterfully crafted and evocative journey mixing old and new into an auditory canvas that will spark nostalgia, titilate your senses, and make you drop that bottom like it was ‘92…3092. All of that music you hear? It’s all created via solar power on TPA’s off-grid community homestead AND it’s available for free or “Name Your Price.” Just one of the ways The Ambassador says “Thank You” to all of the people out there who have supported the project along the way.

So if TPA’s earth-space escalade is docking at a city or festival near you…dust off your onesie, get ready to boogie and gear up for an epic community action day. Welcome to the future, where we don’t just party. We party with a purpose.

🔊➡️ https://www.thepolishambassador.com/
👍🏻➡️ https://www.facebook.com/thepolishambassador

Duffrey • Denver, CO

Duffrey is an electronic music producer with a insatiable hunger for brain tickling soundscapes and funky bass. an Oakland based drummer and musician from a young age, has been squeezing sounds from his environment since he can remember. Duffrey’s goal is to convert brainwaves into vibrational energy that takes control of your body and leaves you tingling.

🔊➡️ https://www.duffreymusic.net/
👍🏻➡️ https://www.facebook.com/theduffrey/

Keota • Denver, CO

“makes bass music of all sorts”

🔊➡️ https://soundcloud.com/keota-us
👍🏻➡️ https://www.facebook.com/keota.us/

COFRESI • Chicago, IL

COFRESI pushes the boundaries of modern performance and production with a hybrid style and a refreshingly versatile live dj/digital-acoustic drum setup. In the studio, he creates a unique sound that is provocative, melodic & rythmic at it’s core. Live, his sets are full of energy as he showcases a unique ability to incorporate multidimensional digital and acoustic percussion into modern electronic music.

🔊➡️ https://cofresimusic.com/
👍🏻➡️ https://www.facebook.com/cofresimusic/

Murkury • Asheville, NC

Sonic alchemist receiving transmissions from planet murkury.

🔊➡️ https://soundcloud.com/djmurkury
👍🏻➡️ https://www.facebook.com/djmurkury/

Zen Selekta • Atlanta, GA

Zen Selekta is one of Atlanta’s rising electronic music artists. As a tastemaker in the bass music community, she provides a spiritual identity marked by dark tonalities and dangerously delicious bass lines. Her mission is to unify humanity through transcending melodies of passion and healing sounds.
Zen’s original work pulls inspiration from world music and deep dubstep. She fuses organic and sacred frequencies devised to awaken and rejuvenate the mind, soul, and body. With ambition to heal others and inspire change, she manifests her intentions into audible soundscapes. Zen has taken her live performance all over the globe, embodying her calling as a Selekta.

🔊➡️ https://soundcloud.com/zenselekta
👍🏻➡️ https://www.facebook.com/zenselekta/

Phyphr • Wilmington, NC

Electronic Music for the SOUL

🔊➡️ www.Phyphr.com
👍🏻➡️ https://www.facebook.com/PhyphrMusic/



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2 thoughts on “Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations Virtual Reality Experience Launch Party

  1. So well written!! We live Chris Dyer and cant wait for this event

    1. thank you so much, hope u enjoyed the event <3

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