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Flashback: GDubz – Create. Frequency Friday, January 24th, 2020

The first Frequency Friday ever was brought to you by Bass Krew Collective and Create. on Friday the 24th of January of the most unpredictable year, 2020. In the center of Charlotte, NC there is a beautiful 3 story venue called Brooklyn Lounge which hosted all of the famed Frequency Friday events before a horrible pandemic postponed events for most of the year. Unbeknownst to the attendees, this spectacular night would go down in history as one of the few Create. events of 2020; a night filled with warm memories and wonderful grins of joy! We were blessed with an awesome group of artists, musicians and visualizers. On the first floor we had the local house legends FreeSurf and Diskull keeping the incoming guests shuffling in line as they gathered inside the Groovy Bone Lounge. The second story had the main stage: featuring Minty, Disco JohnnieRave CharlesBass Canviss and GDubz; a live art corner featuring Kayla Riska and a vending booth with the exotic wares of GB Unique Creations. Lastly our friend Optic Vibrations took care of visuals from the VIP balcony on the 3rd and final floor!

Kayla Riska & Optic Vibrations

On this frisky Friday night, Create. was happy to invite the colorful painter Kayla Riska and the incredible visual jockey Optic Vibrations. You can see the excellent choice of colors implemented carefully by Kayla as she carefully constructed a cute koala climbing a tree! In the meantime, the visuals extraordinaire Optic Vibrations had the crowd’s eyes glued to the main stage LED screens that showed a myriad of magical geometric patterns that followed the main stage performances without flaw. A clever combination of live art and killer visuals was the perfect artistic atmosphere for the acts of the night.


Starting off the night for the Groovy Bone Lounge, FreeSurf had the house fiends flabbergasted with a fun range of beats and wubs. As a veteran disc jockey and aspiring producer this artist had a great collection of breaks and tech house beats (here) that filled the lounge with warm and vivid vibes. It was comforting to see the incoming patrons get down to FreeSurf‘s music in the lounge where many gathered to smoke hookah and chill before exploring the rest of the Brooklyn Lounge venue! The Groovy Bone boss, Diskull, was close by to go back to back all night.


When you think of house music in North Carolina, specifically Charlotte, the first name that comes to mind is the indescribable Diskull. As a member of many house and disco collectives this experienced DJ and producer has a number of original tunes (here) released on his own label Groovy Bone, and other popular labels like DirtybirdBrooklyn Fire and Noir Sur Blanc. Consequently, Diskull had plenty of ammunition to shovel down his barrel of beats on this Friday night! With a strong following in the Charlotte area, Diskull knew exactly what vibes to bring and had a chill and cool flow with his future house and disco/eurobeat set-list.


Beginning the main stage performances was the UNC Charlotte favorite Minty, the go-to DJ for all your college house party needs. We had a faithful crowd of supporters for this Queen City musician, as he used a combination of trap, hip hop and dubstep to bring some electrifying energy into the venue. With a bright and vibrant future ahead of him, Minty is someone to keep an eye on after a great opening set! Create. is always striving to book the best local and regional talent.

Disco Johnnie

Next to carry the torch of wobbles was the jack of all trades Disco Johnnie. His wide range of musical genres when DJing is only comparable to his wide range of roles in the music industry; including event production, operations management and talent buying. The Carolina’s are grateful for this pioneer Create.or, which was made evident by an excited group of dancers during his dynamic throw-down. Dubstep, drum & bass and twerk tracks are just a few of the tunes this seasoned performer packed in his playlist for the night. Disco Johnnie kept the energy growing with a surprise B2B with Sam Throckmorton as the night’s following acts continued to arrive!

Rave Charles

A Bass Krew Collective founder and currently a Space Kids member, Rave Charles has had his fair share of performances on the Create. stage; thanks to his contagious stage presence and exuberant experimental bass tracks. With his autograph mask on it’s hard to see the smile on Rave Charles‘s face, but his energy is made evident with his bass heavy bops and underground sounds. This rare talent has always had a big heart for the music scene and the crowd came out to show their support in the form of ‘rude boy bass faces’. The energy was kept elevated with Rave Charles‘s set and was continued by another familiar Charlotte face: Bass Canviss.

Bass Canviss

Out of all the Charlotte veterans in the scene, no one can deny the positive impact Bass Canviss has spread throughout the local music scene. Organizing events and bringing people together has always been a passion of this talented artist. Bass Canviss has been on a multitude of line-ups for an incredible range of successful disc jockeys and music producers. Being direct support for GDubz was just another impressive addition to his resume. With bass in his name, it’s no surprise that Bass Canviss had a tight grip on the best underground bass tunes and original tunas in his well balanced set this night. The crowd was out in force anticipating the headlining set from the legend GDubz whilst enjoying a killer Bass Canviss performance filled with originals (here).


GDubz had a pristine playlist picked out on his pioneer Frequency Friday performance. Among his great group of original tunes (here) this dubstep guru imploded with an explosion of intricate sounds and underground tracks. The experienced DJ and producer inspired a bunch of younger artists to remix one of his original tracks for this specific night in particular. The patrons in attendance were loving every minute of the energy brought by GDubz and friends on this monumental night, his remixes were all on point and provided the best environment for everyone to let loose and enjoy a night of dubstep and grimy bass sounds!

Contest Winners: Euphoria, Joneses & Phist

GDubz‘s remix competition was on his track “Dat Part“. There were about 20 different local DJs and producers that entered to participate in this remix competition. The best remix entry would be rewarded with an on stage performance of the remixed track after the headlining set! GDubz was so impressed with the entries that he chose multiple winners. Euphoria, Joneses & Phist all had excellent entries and performed their renditions remarkably. The crowd showed their support for these aspiring producers and Create. was once again satisfied with another successful night of fellowship, love and art!

Photos by: Xact Media, Edits by: Niel Soto Productions


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you have probably noticed the incredible and diverse range of events happening in the United States during the highly anticipated year of 2020. The overwhelming amount of frustration, built up emotion, and lack of leadership in this country has truly brought it to its knees. The unexpected appearance of a worldwide pandemic, currently affecting the planet called Earth, was just the start of 2020’s trials and tribulations.

This pandemic forced people all over the world to quarantine themselves and take many precautionary actions to prevent the death of those with compromised immune systems (i.e. the elderly and those with immune system diseases). This had a huge impact on the economy, specifically the entertainment & music industry. Live events of all kinds were having to be cancelled. Create. had to cancel and reschedule 3 shows in order to keep our community safe. With fewer things to distract our day-to-day lives, with having to force ourselves to stay home, with losing many of our jobs and forms of income, with all the greatest problems in the U.S. bubbling under the surface: IT IS WITH EXTREME CONSEQUENCE that the MURDER of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department has shaken the United States to its core.

One of the biggest and most troubling facts about the United States is the unnecessary level of Police Brutality and Racism that has plagued our Police Forces for centuries. The simple fact is that the U.S. is dealing with Institutional Racism and a corrupt Justice System which needs drastic reformation. Additionally, the fact that Racial-Profiling exists is one of the many ways that the corrupt Justice System in the United States incarcerates “5 times more African Americans than whites”(NAACP, 2020). The use of excessive force combined with a racist system that is often lead by devout white supremacists could only lead to the chaos George Floyd’s death triggered in our “Land of the Free”.

“If African Americans and Hispanics were incarcerated at the same rates as whites, prison and jail populations would decline by almost 40%” (NAACP, 2020).

For years and years, the U.S. education system has hidden the truly disgusting history of slavery and modern-day discrimination. It has not helped by simply acknowledging slavery’s existence and failing to educate our youth on how to avoid racial stereotypes and microaggressions. Instead, we should be educating Americans on the dangers of white-privilege on the development of individuals and their actions towards their peers. This lack of education has led to the extreme divide between races in a land full of every culture and language one can imagine.

So let’s take a step back and see the big picture: we have a justice system that favors certain demographics, we have a police force that often racially profiles and incarcerates minorities at an unfair ratio and we have an education system that fails to teach it’s citizens on the full history and future prevention of racism in America. [Let’s not get me started on how prison labor is a form of modern-day slavery and the fact that minorities make up the majority of prisons.] With all these variables, it is no surprise that this corrupt system has forced the hands of U.S. citizens to take up their signs and protest for what’s right. All lives CANNOT matter until BLACK LIVES MATTER. (DONATE TODAY)

African Americans and their culture provided the foundation for most of the music we enjoy today! Hip-Hop, Rock n’ Roll and Electronic Dance Music can all be traced back to African American pioneers. In the 1970s our brothers and sisters began hip-hop/rap in the “housing projects of New York City”. (, 2007) During the 1930s a “Queer Black Woman” was the unsung hero of rock n’ roll for decades. (, 2018) Lastly in the late 1970s and early 1980s “Gay Black Men” were the ones that helped create electronic dance music. (Billboard, 2018) With so much to thank African Americans it is with solidarity that Create. stands alongside our friends in Black Lives Matter

Phyphr & Dredlok

Until we can change our current narrative and reality as a society we will continue to struggle with issues that divide us. In the EDM community there are four pillars of truth that allow us to avoid discrimination and judgement. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. The entire reason I fell in love with the EDM scene was the fact that race, religion or economic status was not a factor in constructing life-long friendships. Never have I ever seen a more diverse crowd than when I attend an electronic music festival. People from all over the world come together in unity to celebrate music and love. If we want to continue enjoying music we must Create. a different atmosphere in order for all of us to be able to Create. together without fear of inequality or discrimination!

Kiss Me! – Space Platypus, Freaky, Neon Tiger, Ra, Devious, Bass Canviss, Rave Charles, & DaReal DJ

If you would like to continue educating yourself on the topics highlighted or if you want to find a way to help please follow the links below!

African American Firsts,

Defunding the Police,

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,

#WhatMatters2020 and

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.


Author’s Note: The fact that Create. has taken the initiative to donate all Online Purchases to Black Lives Matter (until July 4th, 2020) is something that brought tears to my eyes, when first proposed. Being multi-racial I have experienced racial discrimination and profiling my entire life. The Create. team has done nothing but support our community by educating themselves to the pain and struggles of our fellow brothers and sisters and using their platform to educate others as well. I am forever grateful to be part of such a progressive, innovative and compassionate team. Let us continue together with love and light for all!