The Future of Bass Music: AHEE – Future Escape EP out now on Circus Records [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


Ahee has been on the radar of many talent buyers and record labels due to his incredible production skills and sound engineering knowledge. His love to share his knowledge and help other producers has amassed an incredible following on his YouTube channel with almost 18K subscribers! If you need some friendly, helpful, and out-of-the-box perspectives on sound production and engineering Ahee is the man with the plan. Be sure to follow this amazing mind on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Spotify to keep up with this future superstar of bass music. Create. had the privilege to host an amazing VRchat (virtual reality platform) show with Ahee that you can read up on here!

His new EP “Future Escape” is one of the best, if not his best work of art yet. If you love experimental bass music or love listening to artists like Mr. Bill, Jantsen, DMVU, and Mersiv this EP will hit you just right! Let’s break down his new EP song by song and get a good grasp on the new sounds Ahee has created.

Ahee – “Spellbound”

The first song to this EP is called “It’s a Vibe” and it will put you in a nostalgic but also futuristic headspace. Bass-heads from all around the world will understand the mothership vibes this song brings with it. With a drum and bass like introduction, this song will get you giddy until the bass drops for a classic old-school dubstep breakdown. The high reverb and special accents in this track will bring listeners to play this song on repeat!

Stylust joins Ahee on this next track called, “Flip the Switch” (my second favorite track on this EP). With a fun combination of dubstep and trap music, this track will get the nastiest of dancers on their knees. Stylust is known for his iconic sounds and is an expert at making the hottest trap beats and flips. This track is a beautiful marriage of trap and heavy bass music made by two of the best producers in the scene right now.

Ahee‘s following track “Non Stop/So Loud” is another excellent track (one of the top 3 songs on this EP) that sounds like he is ready to make some noise. With quick changes to the bassline and nasty ‘wubs’ expertly inserted onto this track, we can appreciate this song being “So Loud”. A fast tempo intro into a half time drop makes this song easy to play on repeat and will definitely be a great track for any EDM DJs playlist.

Ahee & Defunk – “I Feel It”

Defunk is the next feature on the “Future Escape” EP with a song called “I Feel It” (my bass-head friend’s favorite track on this EP). This song keeps the energy of the EP rolling with a high energy pace. This track will keep your head swaying from side to side as it drives a strong drum and bass feel throughout the entire song. Like it or not, this track will make you feel it; whatever “it” is, we love “it”!

“Losing Control” is the next track to this EP that really gives us a great example of future bass, with a catchy chorus that will have listeners singing along happily. This seemingly simple track has an amazingly complex balance of sound levels that engages frolicking listeners and that the trained ear can truly appreciate quite rapidly.

The incredible voice and skills of Heartwurkz is made very evident in the following track “When You’re Dead”. If you love beautiful vocals in your bass music this song will hit you just right. With an inspiring effort in the sound design department, Ahee truly brings out the best in Heartwurkz‘s vocals and sound quality.

Ahee – “Loner Stoner”

“Loner Stoner” is personally one of my favorite songs on this EP. With an iconic future-bass sound throughout most of this track, this is a great song to get one into a good mood while puffing the loudest of gas. Bump this track with your friends and you won’t regret seeing their faces when the bass drops!

The last song on this EP is truly one of the best overall and undoubtedly the heaviest songs on “Future Escape“. A great conglomeration of experimental future bass and DnB makes this track attract EDM lovers from all corners of the BPM spectrum. As a cherry on top is to a chocolate sundae such is this remix to the legendary Conrank‘s “Ooba” by Ahee to the “Future Escape” EP.

Conrank – “Ooba” (Ahee Remix)

With such a strong grouping of tracks, the “Future Escape” EP is truly the future of experimental bass music. With the spotlight opening to many artists in this niche of EDM music, it is with great relief that Ahee has re-introduced a familiar sound with a brand new flavor and feeling that gives bass-heads a beacon of hope for what’s to come. Alongside many other great artists, Ahee is the future and this EP is all the evidence people will need to believe in this mastermind of music production and sound design, the unsung hero Ahee! Make sure to grab his EP “Future Escape” that is releasing on Circus Records on November 19th, 2020.

Thank you so much, Ahee, for being so open and willing to work with us. We have been very eager to watch your journey ever since we worked together on the VR Dome Party we hosted together back in May. Your set on VRchat was bonkers and we could tell there was something within you that the world needed to hear. We are happy to help our followers become familiar with your sounds if they aren’t already! So to help educate music lovers on who the real Ahee is, we would like to ask you some questions that will dig into the mind of Ahee!

Q: What are some of the major influences you listen to and look up to, music or non-music related?

A: Music-wise, I’d say Aphex Twin, Skrillex, Prodigy, & Bassnectar has influenced my sound quite a bit. I also seek out new music from up & coming artists too and the recent melodic trend in Future Riddim is exciting to me. Non-Music wise, I’m really into learning history, science, philosophy, & politics from various YouTube channels.  I want to always be learning new things, I think it’s an important part of keeping my mind fresh and creative.

Q: What is your favorite sub-genre of EDM music?

A: It’s a silly answer but probably 90s Hardcore Rave! I’m obsessed with those early days of rebellious, open-hearted, ecstatic dance music! I love to fuse that kind of 90s Rave energy through my own story and sound with modern production. Like I want to make music that makes you high just listening to it!

Q: If you could put a name to the music you make, how would you classify it?

A: Recently & specifically for the “Future Escape” EP, I’ve been focusing on a heavy yet melodic sound that fuses Dubstep and Drum & Bass elements into high-energy dance tracks.  A lot of the tracks in the EP are pushed up to 160bpm which I feel is this interesting middle ground tempo between those 2 genres.

Q: What’s been keeping you hungry to make music while our industry has been at a halt?

A: I’ve constantly been making music since I was 11 years old, I’ve released over 72 albums in my life, so it’s just a non-stop drive for me to continue creating.  It fuels my soul and I can’t wait to re-connect with people once the green light is given for gatherings to resume!

Q: When it comes to the name of your EP, “Future Escape”, how does that play in with how you brought this collection of sounds together?

A: “Future Escape” is similar to the idea of Forward Escape which is about diving into the Future to find solutions to the current world’s problems. I wanted to create a sonic equivalent to that Journey into the Future!

Q: Do you have a personal favorite track from this EP? If so, which one might it be?

A: Ahhh,  maybe the collab with Defunk, as that’s the song that kickstarted this whole EP coming together.  And getting support from UKF on it was insanely cool! But I love all the tracks! The collab w/ Stylust is fire and getting to remix Conrank is an honor.  Also “It’s A Vibe” is so much fun to play!

Q: How would you describe the VR chat show you did with Create. earlier this year and how do you see the future of Live events turning out?

A: That was fun! Was super cool to be able to move around in a 3d environment and see other people’s avatars there as well. Gave the lifestream a more interactive environment experience, which I enjoyed. Happy to have been a part of that with y’all & Stylust! Which Stylust & I have a new track together on the new EP!  As far a future Live events, I see people continuing to push the creative limits of lifestream setups, trying to do something that hasn’t been done before.

Q: We see you had a few collaborations on the release, who really had you stepping outside your “comfort zone” when it comes to bridging the gap in styles you both bring to the table?

A: The Remix of Conrank’s Ooba was a fun challenge, I ended up re-writing that song 3 times, 3 completely different tunes before I landed on the final one!

Also, the collab w/ Stylust was interesting because we needed a top vocal line and we tried so many samples but couldn’t find a correct fit.  Then I got this line stuck in my head “Flip The Switch” and I ended up recording some takes with my own voice, and Stylust chopped it up and that’s what you hear on the final is my voice, but super effected!

Q: Personally, I feel like the bass-head community will truly enjoy this EP. DO you agree or disagree with that statement?

A: Absolutely agree!  I think anyone who loves Dubstep or Drum & Bass will find this EP super refreshing!  And I’d love to hear from anyone if they enjoyed the EP, hit me up on Instagram @iamahee.

Q: Are you from the future?

A: I can neither confirm nor deny this. 😉
Hope y’all enjoy the EP! Listen to it here: https://found.ee/AheeEP

AHEE – The Friendly Alien




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