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Create.'s Mission.

Create. is an interactive and immersive Audio/Visual movement featuring the greatest Electronic Music producers and most inventive Visual Artists; all of whom constantly ‘create’ inspiring original sounds and artwork.

Born on January 26th, 2017 Create. started from the passionate pleas of the incredible electronic bass-heads that inhabit Greensboro, North Carolina. The great state of North Carolina has an ardent and enormous group of electronic music listeners. With few companies in our state effectively booking electronic producers and disc jockeys, Create. aims to be different by promoting an unprecedented grass-roots movement within our scene.


The Create. team works tirelessly to create and gather: engaging and interactive art installations, 3-D projections, visualizers, lights, lasers, live painters, vendors, merchandisers, dancers, influencers, promoters and Create.ors from all over to create an enlightening and unique experience!

Our team may gather people from all over to our shows, but we take great pride in supporting our local stage production teams and art creators. Supporting local businesses and local talent creates life within our scene. It inspires creatives to continue creating beautiful works of art and provides them with the resources and exposure necessary to succeed in an industry full of cut-throat competition.


The goal and mission of our team are to help artists and people grow together, all while finding a common ground of love and appreciation towards everyone in our beautiful community of Create.ors. Following the powerful adage of peace, love, unity, and respect Create. powers through conflict, hate, disconnect, and contempt. Providing a safe place for music lovers to express themselves and interact with other positive and encouraging individuals!


With much love,

The Create. Team