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Flashback: Charlesthefirst w/ Live art by Chris Dyer – Create. Saturday April 6th, 2019

It was a bright and beautiful 32nd day of lent when the “Family With No Name” gathered in the halls of The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC to await the arrival of the low-tempo bass-guru Charlesthefirst. People came from as far as Virginia and Maryland just to catch this unique line-up, hitting the east coast of the United States.

Not only were the incredibly talented producers Of The Trees and Abelation showcasing their intricate tunes on The Ascent Tour, influential locals Scripta and Bass Canviss were also presenting their best tunes to summon the perfect atmosphere for the headlining slot.

Meanwhile, the psychedelic artist extraordinaire, Chris Dyer, was simultaneously creating one of his most beautiful canvases to date among some of the best entrancingly original producers in the EDM game right now.

Chris Dyer’s artwork is one of the most imaginative and enticingly colorful styles of visionary art being created today. This Peruvian-Canadian artist has inspired art-lovers all over the world, from his small beginnings in Ontario to his great success internationally, Chris Dyer and his “Positive Creations” have been a cornerstone in the ‘psychedelic-art’ community.

It was a very unique experience having such a renowned painter paint, while musicians simultaneously painted their own unique artwork on a canvas of sound. Charlesthefirst really outdid himself by playing an almost completely original set. He showcased The Ascent, his second full-length album, skillfully using the best parts of each cleverly created original tune to make a tasty set alongside his plethora of original tunes and edits.

It was very evident that Charlesthefirst had tuned in with the sold-out crowd as he unleashed a flawless set that had my friends and I dancing the entire night.

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Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations Virtual Reality Experience