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Carolina’s First Dance Music Drive-In Event Gives Patrons a Safe Space to Enjoy Live Music: ELECTRIC ⚡ AVENUE: A Drive-In Audio/Visual Experience brought to you by Create.

June 17th, 2020 the world witnessed the first EDM event at a drive-in movie theater in King’s Mountain, North Carolina! ELECTRIC ⚡ AVENUE: A Drive-In Audio/Visual Experience brought to you by Create., one of the leading live music event companies in NC; Sunday Swerve, one of the top-notch live-streaming companies in the Southeast; & Infrasonic Sound Systems, experts in stage production and Funktion-1 speakers from Wilmington, NC! Headlining this event we had the legendarily elusive Saxsquatch, the dreamy guitarist from the coast Phyphr as direct support, the “OG” NC beat-maker Cut Rugs, the creative sound craftsman KirbyBright and the swiss-army-knife prodigy Dredlok. All these magical creators of sound gathered together to orchestrate a perfect line-up of unique sounds and instrumentation in the spacious fields of the Hounds Drive-In! Before we go into the individual performances at this event, the Create. team wants to recognize the superb performance done by our “Visual Jockeys” truffulatree.tvPapa BearSacramental Studios, and Optic Vibrations all of whom coordinated with their respective DJs/Producers in an exceptional manner during this epoch-making occasion.

Live broadcasting/photography was professionally done by Sunday Swerve. Be sure to check out the multiple angles and drone shots from the stream on the Sunday Swerve, Twitch, channel HERE, HERE, & HERE. One of the best Live streams Create. has had the pleasure to host!

Another honorable mention goes to our old friends at GB Unique Creations for selling our merchandise and many other interesting trinkets for our curious patrons on this wonderful Wednesday afternoon. We also are very thankful for the cooperative and professional staff at the Hounds Drive-In, that allowed this magical evening to come to fruition! (We are planning to return soon…!)


We had a strong start with Dredlok, a multi-instrumentalist, and his cornucopia of underground ‘wubs’ and original tunes! This lovable musician and songwriter had our earliest attendees bobbing their heads and shaking their tails.

On this night Dredlok blessed the crowd’s ears with tantalizing original reggae tunes combined with bass-thumping bass-lines and vitalizing vocals, reminding the crowd on how to ‘feel the rhythm’.

Combining his original songs, where he skillfully sings and performs his ukulele simultaneously, with original flips and remixes is one of this magical man’s specialties! Remember although he may have dreadlocks our long-haired friend is “Not a Rasta“.

Wilmington, NC showed out big time to support their amazingly talented friends including Phyphr, one of the other artists on this stacked set of stunning up-and-coming stars. With the energy provided by his generous and supportive fans, Dredlok showed his true talent once again with another sensual set in the Create. history books.


Another highly talented musician KirbyBright‘s was next up after Dredlok‘s compelling introduction to this landmark night. He came out strong with some up-beat tunes to re-vitalize the crowd as the night continued smoothly.

KirbyBright an Asheville, NC native came sporting his infamously colorful Volkswagen Van upon his entrance, parking it side stage. The Ashe-villians all showed out in full force to support their incredibly talented friends.

With his positive message and loving energy, KirbyBright inspired many to get in the zone with his lo-fi frequencies intertwined with bass-moving bangers. The night was perfectly prepared by this practiced performer!

His excellent performance and engaging execution earned him a lot of love from the crowd. The Undergrowth provided some very talented artists throughout this unique line-up, including the nights closing act Cut Rugs.


Following his faithful friends, Phyphr, came thru fitting his funky-filled guitar inspiring listeners to frolic about their parking spots as he performed on his fascinating frets! This guitar-wielding prodigy has always infected people with his joyous smile and positive outlook on reality.

Phyphr is known for free-styling amazing guitar riffs to almost any genre of funky-filled music. From his jam band flavor to his divine digit moving solos this beach-town native had one of the most excited crowds of the night.

There’s just something about this talented individual’s music that makes you transcend into a world of musical bliss. If you need some “Feelin’ so Good” music with a hint of modern-day bass-funk, Phyphr‘s original ‘tunas’ will have you feeling just fine!

Phyphr was the perfect direct support for the elusive headlining act Saxsquatch. Having so many talented instrumentalists and producers was the only logical way to make this the best possible line-up for the first EDM drive-in show in North Carolina during the COVID pandemic of 2020. Create. will continue to support this amazing artist that always delivers!


Saxsquatch did an A-1 job performing his prime time slot on this one-of-a-kind collaboration of artists. His incredible diversity among musical genres during his set had something for all eras of musical grandness. Jazzy and romantic songs were often followed by upbeat electronic pop creating a beautiful mixture of old school and modern-day tunes.

Electric Avenue was a great success thanks to the wide age range of fans that Saxsquatch‘s music seems to attract. Having a well-rounded fan base on top of a very well rounded set-list of music made this particular headliner a pioneering success!

The amazing visuals provided by our tremendous team of visual jockeys combined with an eye-capturing live performance of Saxsquatch was a superb sensation. It was the first time that our team has booked such a furry and fun friend!

Although he didn’t finish off the night, Saxsquatch‘s performance was a stand-alone masterpiece! He successfully swayed the hearts of our music-starved audience in a sensational symphony spewed from his saxophone. It was evident that his experience and musical talent were at a level near perfection, Saxsquatch‘s set was flawless!

Cut Rugs

Finalizing the night was an NC favorite Cut Rugs, a Greensboro native that now resides in the amicable lands of Asheville, NC. This skillful producer had a ton of amazing tracks that he debuted during this beautiful night.

As another artist representing The Undergrowth on this night, Cut Rugs had a full load to leverage. Even with some minor technical difficulties, he persevered to present his unique sound in any way possible.

Cut Rugs made a great impact on the audience to close the night by providing continuous tunes for all to enjoy until the night was over. Little did we know that several artists would come together to go back-to-back for an extra special closing to the final set!

By the end of Cut Rugs unique set we had several artists gearing up to re-join the stage. The crowd clearly wanted more after such a grand array of musical talent! Cut Rugs, Dredlok, and KirbyBright soon congregated to the stage in order to share the spotlight in a momentous trio of talented artists. The rest of the night was a unique experience shared by a great crowd of loving individuals!